Beach weddings

Title: Beach weddings
Prompt: Beach, something windy
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Summary:AU, A wedding at the beach brings our favourite pair together.
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[Beach Weddings]

A warm hand came up to wrap around Matt’s midsection, bringing a smile to his slightly parted lips. He closed his eyes and leaned back, sighing into the warm neck behind him. A small kiss at the back of his shoulder got him humming.


It was early morning and he’d woken up just to watch the beautiful pallet of sunrise on the reflection of the endless waves crashing on the shore from where he stood by the open window of the hotel room.

He felt a comforter, much warmer than the body behind him, wrap around his shoulder in a light caress.

“Come back, I miss you.”

A snort escaped him at hearing Dom say this.

“More like: Come back, I miss your warmth in the bed.”

A gust of wind from the window passed by them, sending both of them yelping, shivering and giggling back to bed.

“Let’s go back to sleep, yeah?” Dom whispered in his ear after he’d managed to twirl his cold feet around Matt’s despite the kicking, whining and complains.

Matt shivered in response and sighed contently when he felt Dom’s lean body covering his own once again. He replayed the events of the previous day to help him fall asleep.


“May I steal this gentleman from the bride?”

Matt stopped laughing and spinning awkwardly to turn his head as Kelly gushed at the gorgeous blond who’d asked for his hand at the wedding dance floor.

“Yes, sure. He’s all yours now!” Kelly managed to slip away from his dazed grip on her.

Asked for his hand.

The phrase stayed in his head for so long that he didn’t catch up on the blond’s name and quickly blinked back in time for hurriedly introducing himself.

“Huh? Yeah, I’m Matt.” He sighed in relief as the blond didn’t seem to mind his flustered behaviour, and rather seemed amused at him.

“I don’t think you were listening.” They laughed and started moving.

That was when Matt noticed that the blond man had placed one of his hands on his waist and the other linked with his own. He giggled. The music had changed to a fast dubstep number, yet their shyness kept them confined to the small and graceful waltz-like movements. They smiled and averted their gazes yet again while their feet moved in sync, progressing to form a complete box like shape.  Almost everyone had abandoned the dance floor to drain the refreshments after few dances, in part because of the rough sandy wind blowing in their faces now and then.

Matt licked his lips at the thought, but he feared to disengage as soon as they’d started.

“Aren’t you gonna ask me?” Matt snapped out of his thoughts. He noticed that the blond’s eyes fixated were on his glazed lips. He could hear his partner exhale a little bit forcefully through his own parted lips, which he deduced, had absolutely nothing to do with their leisurely exercise.

“Yeah?” It was an endless cycle of distraction, with neither allowing the other out of their slight lusty haze.

“My name. I’m sure you hear it alright, Matt.” It came out with along with a certain husk that induced further incessant blushes from Matt. It was no longer a secret that he had yet to learn this mysterious suitor’s name. But something in his partner’s face made him slightly comfortable even after the cheeky yet observant accusation.

He chuckled, gaining more confidence, as their feet accidentally bumped for once in their synchronised move.


One of the bridesmaids waved towards them calling out loud enough over the music and miraculously, the blond in his arms turned around.

“Yeah?” Matt watched his partner politely excuse himself from him and move out of their intimate embrace. “I’m sorry I have to get this. I’ll be right back, love.”

Matt gave a small reassuring nod and watched Dom lightly jog up to the woman who squealed something incoherent and they both hugged, followed by which more excited laughter and chatter ensued.

Matt moved away from the dance floor and quietly watched the excited duo exchanging more hugs and incoherent babbling as he picked up one of the drinks from the refreshment counter. He chuckled as he saw Dom lifting the woman in the air and spinning her around in a quick circle before he collapsed and let her land awkwardly on her high heels. He deduced, or rather now hoped that they both must be best friends or so. His nervousness threatened to return inspite of how positive he was about how Dom had been flirting with him. He smiled and waved his thoughts away as he noticed Dom whispering something into the woman’s ears and earn a smack to his cute bum before he turned around to scan the crowd on the dance floor.

Matt boldly strode over to where the blond was heading with another glass of drink for his partner.

“Fancy some wine?” Matt’s attempt was successful in getting his partner’s attention.

“Ah, Matt!” Dom’s features visibly relieved as he shook his head for a bit and moved closer to him, accepting the drink, “How very thoughtful of you…”

Matt felt the traitorous blush return. He reciprocated with a small smile in an intention to continue to interrogate his partner as the curiosity got the best of him. “What was it?”

“Yeah? That’s Alice, my work mate.” Dom sipped at his drink with a ridiculous smile tugging at his face. “The fucking woman just got proposed by the man of her dreams.”

“Oh that’s lovely! I think I know her.” Matt nodded finishing his own drink, “Isn’t she in Kels’ department?”

He stopped abruptly and looked at Dom, drawing an eyebrow.

“So, you’re from Kels’ work place?”

“Right, yeah. But she doesn’t know much about me. I’m sort of a stowaway that Alice brought along so that she won’t feel guilty at leaving me behind for the weekend.”

They both laughed, turning to watch the scene at the beach. The shore was empty with the rest of the wedding crowd staying under the tents for the fear of sunburn. There were rarely any tourists on this part of the beach. The waves emerged and crashed on the shore with a mighty force enough to be heard over the music. A lone couple had left a pair if trails of their feet on the wet sand slightly away from the waves’ reach not long ago. Perhaps, the tide had gone down.

“What about you?” Dom asked after he finished his drink and moved towards the refreshment table for a refill as Matt followed the suit.

“We are from the same school. She’s been my best mate since years ago.” Matt flashed a boyish grin.

A pleasant breeze weaved through the beach and their hair was now caught at odd angles. They glanced at the frothy waves crashing on the shore with their smiles growing larger by the second.

“Do you want to-” Dom suggested and moved to place his glass on the counter with a small hesitation.

“Why not?”  Matt interjected quickly, dissolving any doubts on the blond’s mind. He handed his glass to the bartender and proceeded towards the shoreline tugging at Dom’s arm.

They stopped near the wet sand of the shore to remove their shoes and socks and proceeded to link their hands to meet the waves which gently lapped at their feet before retreating into the sea.

“Farther?” Dom enquired excitedly.

Matt grinned back and nodded.


Matt smiled when he recalled how they’d ended up fully drenched a large wave when they were slightly distracted in keeping Matt steady on the slippery sand. It was getting a little too cold for Matt but he remembered how the warmth of Dom’s hand on his back was reassuring.

Matt remembered how their game changed all of a sudden and soon they had started chasing each other while splashing salty water on the other’s face. At one point he thought he’d escaped Dom by diving a little left but he slipped on the sand and brought down Dom along with him, laughing and holding him as another wave crashed over their hot flustered bodies till their waists.

He stroked Dom’s hair when he remembered, how all of a sudden their proximity prompted them with the images of searing lust and then, they had been kissing, just like that on the shoreline, with more waves crashing upon them in a steady intervals, leaving them feeling young and flustered against the sand.

Matt softly giggled as they’d been interrupted by none other than the bride, who’d asked them to continue their shenanigans in their hotel room.
Unable to control himself, he let out a snort at that, which turned into a quiet series of giggles. This caused the series of snores from the man above him stop for a while, before the blond hair beneath his jaw shifted, tickling him till Dom found a comfortable position on his shoulder.

“Matt, sleep off, love. We need to wake up early for sending off Kelly.”

Matt simply hummed back while rubbing at his eyes with his free hand. They still had an hour before they need to wake up for making themselves presentable. There will be a comically huge uproar when Kelly would hear that Dom had stayed the night with him. Of course, when Kelly had given them permission to continue with whatever they were doing, what else they could have done? After all, what are weddings for?


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Guiding Light

Title: Guiding Light
Author: futuristicfury
Pairing: BellDom
Rating: PG13
Beta: The lovely Tamar, tamarelmensdorp. Without her I won't be posting at all!
Prompt: Polar Star, Torch, Tinsel
Summary: Matt finds inspiration for a new song. Pre-BHAR era. Entry for Snowpremacy 2015, secret santa
Warnings: None except for copius amounts of glitter and a delicious Matt.
Author's Note: This is my First fanfic attempt in this fandom. I know this isn't an excuse for writing crap but yeah it's my declaration. I know that I'm awfully late but I tried to do justice to the prompts given to me. I hope the prompter likes this inspite of this being short.
Of course, this is fiction and has never happened. All rights to the song is goes to the band Muse. This is just a result of watching too many suggestive moments from the live concerts of the band.

[Guiding Light]

Dominic sighed loudly, rubbing his forehead to ease off the beginnings of an epic headache. He didn't know why he had agreed to help out Matt with the decorations for the Christmas dinner they had organized for their close friends. The singer had been ecstatic at idea of burying the whole house in a pool of glitter and had been almost successful in doing so if it wasn't for Dom holding him back time and again. Currently, Matt's idea of making a halo out of wire and silver tinsel for himself and Chris's children had him jumping about the house while bickering with Dom.

"Matt, I think it's great to have tinsel for decorating the house but aren’t you a bit too grown up to wear that?" Dom asked incredulously, while trying to get Matt down from the dining table, who had struck up a massive pout and folded his arms in an indignant pose. "You’re already wearing a glitter suit! Wouldn't it seem a bit silly?"

Truth was that Dom wanted to give Matt all he wished for but for the sake of the company they'd been expecting for dinner, he wanted to keep things at a normal celebratory mood.  When he landed at Matt's place that afternoon to see if he needed help with decorations or dinner, the place looked like a battleground drowned in stars, tinsel and ribbons of all shades. It hurt his eyes to look through everything to find Matt curled up in a corner, sniffling. And soon Dom found himself unable to move from that place before consoling Matt and promising to help him out.

"But Dom, it's a Christmas party!" Matt tried not lose his pout which had always helped him get away with almost anything in his previous attempts. His mischievous blue eyes were trained on Dom as he was hoping to hypnotize the blonde. “’s not a glitter suit just because it shines! It’s a 70’s style suit.”

“Aha….I see you’re trying to copy me.” Dom grinned smugly as Matt’s pout faltered a little bit. “I think you finally found inspiration from the yellow 70’s shorts which i own!”

“No! That’s--”

The phone rang loudly in the hall. Both men looked from each other to the phone. A grin spread across Matt's face at the same time Dom's eyebrows raised in recognition of the plot.


"No, Matt! Wait!"

Both screamed and dashed to pick up the receiver. The thought of infesting Chris' kids with these lethal ideas were dangerous and Dom couldn't afford to let Matt win in his conspiratorial plans. As always, it would be him who would be mocked by the whole crowd for having such a boyfriend and also clean up after the mess.

Dom being the faster runner almost reached the phone but Matt clutched his waist with both of his hands and dragged him to the ground while starting an onslaught of merciless tickling.

"Ma-att! No!" Dom breathed in between laughing and tried kicking the brunette off him. " gooooo!"

Matt pinned both of his arms above his head and made farting noises on the nape of Dom's neck. Dom let out an uncharacteristic squeal and squirmed under Matt's hold while laughing and panting.

A small beep broke them out of their playful haze and Chris's voice boomed over the speaker.

"Uh...I know you two are up to something I don't really wanna know, but I just called to tell you that most of us won't be able to make it today. I was hardly able to open the door to my home let alone drive in this snowstorm. So, yeah you two enjoy the dinner, and Kelly's extremely sorry for cancelling like this. The kids were curious to have their presents exchanged. I guess, we'll do that here. It's okay. Probably a new year party would be a better idea. I hope the snowstorm dies away soon. We'll see. See you guys later. Merry Christmas!" And the beep sounded again signaling Chris has cut the call.

Dom looked up from the direction of the phone to Matt's face and immediately frowned to see his downcast eyes. Matt was clearly upset about wasted plans and efforts and it certainly didn't help having a sad Matt on a Christmas eve.

Dom forced up a small smile and cleared his throat to catch Matt's attention.

"Hey...this means we get to have the whole cake!" Dom tried to say it as enthusiastically as possible but on noticing Matt's sad smile he couldn't hold himself back. "Matt! Hey, it's okay. There's gonna be a New year party! We'll be celebrating with them for sure!"

"Okay." The brunette now laid on top of Dominic and buried his head in the crook of his neck, nuzzling his nose and closing his eyes to hold back the tears. He had Dom with him after all and he didn’t want to ruin the happy vibrations he always got when he was with him. He swallowed loudly as he feared he might break into sobs. He tried to console himself with the fact that he would have Dom’s undivided attention for the whole dinner.

Dom sighed loudly and released his arms from the hold from Matt’s limp palms. He brought his hands to stroke Matt's back reassuringly. He placed a few kisses on the brunette's head before nuzzling up to him and rocking him slightly. Soon, he found his eyes drifting shut and fell into a light slumber with Matt dozing on top of him, his sniffles decreasing in number.

Even Dom was a bit hurt because their evening would be spent without their close friends but he consoled himself by allowing himself to enjoy the company of the only person he loved. Their collective worries faded away when Matt shifted in his sleep and drew his head back from the crook of Dom’s neck. They both opened their eyes to see each other. For a few second they didn’t speak. Matt supported himself on the left hand and brought his right hand to trace Dom’s jaw and cheeks. Wordlessly, he leant down to brush their lips softly against each other and soon found himself pressing for more. Dom found his heart beating faster with the increasing number of the slow kisses and he let out a sigh to part his lips, silently begging Matt to give him more. Matt took hold of Dom’s jaw tenderly and leisurely swiped his tongue across Dom’s lower lip. Dom groaned, his eyes fluttering as well as his heart. His heady gaze poised on the sliver of blue that shone through the slit of the eyelids. Matt dragged his right hand from the expanse of the blonde’s neck to spread over his chest and caress softly over his rapidly beating heart. Dom shivered, not because he was lying on the cold ground but because of the intensity of the emotions that were laid along carefully with feather light kisses. Dom closed his eyes to give in to the feeling and brought his left hand to thread in the thick brown hair and tenderly stroked along the brunette's scalp. His other hand clutched the silver fabric Matt was wearing and unhurriedly slipped underneath it to stroke along the brunette’s back.

Matt breathed in through the nose unable to hold himself back anymore. He thrust his tongue inside Dom’s willing mouth and ground himself against Dom’s lower body. The blonde let out a hum and he smiled into the kiss and pulled back to look at Matt’s face closely. He reassured himself when he found that his mirthful smile was back. He found he never needed words to convey his love for the charming brunette. A glance, a smile or a kiss at random places would do it. He couldn’t imagine what he would do without these small actions of consolation.

Later that night, Dom found himself partially awakened by long warm fingers caressing the back of his neck. Soon a kiss followed and Matt’s warm breath fanned his face. He said something which Dom couldn’t comprehend in his sleepy haze. He vaguely remembered Matt putting on the sweater and wrapping the blankets around him. Sometime later his feet were covered with socks and warm slippers. He felt a tug on his arms when he open his eyes to see Matt flashing a torch light directly in his eyes. He immediately covered his face with his hands and made a protesting noise.

“Dom! It’s really important that you are awake. I have to show you something!” Matt sighed and kept the torch beam ahead of them. Dom finally gave up and sat up on the bed, squinting around the room.

“Can’t it wait till morning?” Dom asked groggily while rubbing his tired looking eyes. He longingly looked at the warm bed and then noticed his change of attire. “Where are we even going in this weather?”

“It’s just the terrace! Come’on Dom. I finally found the thing I was searching for.” Matt grinned as he proudly announced.

“It better not be any frog or lizard, Matt or else I’m gonna kill you for waking me up.” Dom exhaled and got up, finally rid of the last sliver of sleep which was clinging to his eyes.

"Be patient. You'll know soon." Matt chuckled and dragged the blonde out of the bed and trudged upstairs carefully under the beam of the torch. Too tired, Dom just managed to follow Matt by clinging to his arm and his feet moving in autopilot mode. When they turned left at the end of the stairs, Matt stopped and gave his hands a small enthusiastic squeeze. Dom nodded for Matt to open the door to reveal the whole expanse of the terrace covered in a thick layer of snow, except for the path that was previously trudged by the brunette.

Dom frowned as he walked along with Matt scanning the terrace for some hidden alien plushy toys. Matt stopped at the center of the terrace and cleared his throat and pointed skywards.

Dom surprised, squinted hard through the fog to decipher something shiny that Matt had been pointing at. He sighed as he realised that it was a star when he had expected something as crazy as a UFO from Matt.

"Uh, yeah Matt. I see a star." Dom tried not to sound very obvious and let down the brunette.

"It's not just a star, Dom." Matt grinned as if there is something more to it. He took out a few pages from his jacket which were obviously torn from a physics book and flashed the torch on the sheets as he unfolded them. The caption read, 'The Polaris'. A cold gust of wind blew right at their faces. Dom's patience was wearing thin as he felt himself freezing despite the sweater and blankets, and the symbols and diagrams on the sheet made no sense to him. He made a confused expression to which Matt just smiled and explained, "I had been working on a song for our new album."

Dom nodded and instantly felt a smile returning to his face.

"I had been struggling with the lyrics so far. But today today, I finally got it. Dom, this..." Matt pointed to the star again and said, "This is the Pole Star, which is an ever fixed point in the lives of many sailors who are lost in the sea. It is their Guiding Light. From a long time, I was trying make sense of where I was and now I seem to have found my way back too."

Matt cupped Dom's face and looked deep into the yearning grey eyes.

"You are it. Dom, you are my Guiding Light." He whispered those words as he felt Dom's arms wrap around him through the blanket. He brushed his lips reverently against Dom's. Dom smiled into the kiss and slipped the blanket away in order to hold him properly.

The biting wind stopped for a while and the snow fell leisurely around them. They sighed and leaned in for another quick peck before heading back downstairs to the warmth of the bed and the safety of each other's arms.